On may 22, Michele Vester was born at Via Collina 22 in Ascona.

However, his life story began in 1902 when his grandfather Karl, a swabian and one of the first dropouts, moved to Ascona on Monte Verità with  adventurous friends to explore new alternative lifestyles. During this time, Karl Vester had the opportunity to acquire one of the smaller of the two Brissago islands, but he ultimately decided to purchase a property at Monte Verità. Karl then travelled to Samoa. Upon his return, his wife surprised him with a sunny piece of land on Monte Verità. They constructed various houses, and among them was one commissioned by the architect Paul Everts. Michele Vester's parents later built two more houses on the property for Michele and his brother Andreas. Many decades later, Karl's grandson Michele, having completed his extensive education: Apprenticeship in Ceramics, Florist, Assistant to Interior Designer Max Rutishauser, Herblingen Castle, Assistant to Interior Designer Josef Brun, Schaffhausen (Hotel Guarda Lai, St. Moritz & Hotel Giardino Ascona), Assistant Manager Knecht Interior Design, Locarno, returned to Ascona in 1990 and decided to revitalize the dilapidated house of his ancestors, benefiting from the abundance of his inherited artistic talents. The result of his work is now an incomparable gem, lovingly decorated, romantically composed with delicate colors, and enriched with contrasts of primality and perfection, still inhabited by Michele’s successors.

For the past 25 years, Michele Vester has been working as an independent interior designer, exploring the jungle of various furnishing possibilities with his clients in search of the perfect ambiance. During this time Michele Vester put his mark as an interior design consultant to numerous furnishings for apartments, villas, and garden designs.


The photos in the portfolio provide an overview of his current works, including some featured in well-known architecture and interior design magazines. The Grand Cafe "al Porto" in Lugano and “Café Lago”, Locarno, are two of his public works of ambiance and lifestyle and can be visited while enjoying a good cappuccino. In the last three years Michele dedicated himself to creative art and painting.